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Brian Udechukwu

I was born in the DFW on December 25, 1991. My parents came to America from Nigeria in the early 1980s, so I grew up in a pretty strong disciplinary household. What was valued in our household was education and making good grades. We would go to church on Sunday but that was it. I didn’t know much about Jesus, nor did I care to know. The hip-hop culture was my master at the time. I learned how to treat women through it, I learned how to speak through it, and I even learned how to dress through it. I learned that doing drugs was a must, so in High School, I turned in my football cleats for a lifestyle of smoking weed. I pursued this lifestyle of drugs, women, and alcohol into my freshman year of college in the south Texas.

I was now over 300 miles away from home and on my own. No “God”, no parents, no rules. So, I partied, I lived it up, but that dead, agnostic, lifestyle became old, dark, and depressing. I began to start wondering what would come of my life. Whom have I become? Why is it hard to believe that the man in the mirror is me? I was lost, threatened, paranoid, and insecure, and I couldn’t trust a single soul. My “friends” could be my enemies. I was unstable.

Finally, one day on November 19, 2010, on my bathroom floor I cried out to God in the most genuine way I knew how. I didn’t have any Christian friends, nor did I know of a Chi Alpha, but I knew that I was lost and that if God is real, He’s my only hope. That day He answered my cry, and I began reading the Bible and going to church with my sister. The first time I read the Bible I noticed its sovereignty and wisdom, and how alive it was! God started to meet with me in my bedroom, and I became transformed! I started attending the young adult ministry at the church and started to see how active this God of the Bible is even in the 21st century.

A couple of years after my conversion and being filled with the Holy Spirit, my church and I started a campus ministry on campus. This was where I got introduced to some of the sincerest leaders and friends in Chi Alpha. Even though I was leading another ministry, they embraced me as their own. They believed in me and encouraged me. Chi Alpha deepened my love for Jesus from a distance.

After leading the campus ministry for 3 years with my church and graduating with my bachelor's in Psychology in 2015, the Lord opened up a grand opportunity for me to become a part of what He was doing through Chi Alpha by joining their staff as a full-time campus missionary assistant. Through serving in Chi Alpha my growth in the LORD increased so much more than I fear to wonder where I would be with the Lord had it not been for this ministry. I’ve gotten to travel to countries in Asia twice to bring the gospel. I met my dearest friends in Chi Alpha. I discovered my call to the Lord through this ministry. Eventually, after 5 years of serving the Lord through Chi Alpha, I’ve been privileged to join Ryota and Shinobu Yogo, and Reese and Rayven Hallmark in moving from our lovely fellowship in south TX, in hopes of establishing a community of Christ-loving students at the University of Texas in Arlington.

Brian Udechukwu
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