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Free as a slave by Winkie Pratney

Click this link to watch the sermon: Ministry of Helps - Free As A Slave (

Are you angry? Or worried?

In this teaching, Winkie Pratney takes us into the word of God, and explains God’s solutions for anger, worry, and greed. He also helps us to understand what it means to really follow Christ and not let our walk consist of just a title, but to realize that God has much higher hopes for each of our lives in his hope for us as sons and servants.

Understanding my rights as someone who is created by God and loved by him dearly, this teaching has opened up my heart to the freedom in following Christ. Not trying to control the outcome of everything but simply dying to myself and letting Christ be displayed through every part of my life and attitude. If I could sum up what the Lord taught me through this teaching in one sentence it would be, “There is real freedom and joy in letting God be the supreme ruler of our lives, and not trying to run them on our own.”

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