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Mia Lanning

From the time I entered this world, I was raised in a Christian home. I grew up with a growing understanding of how to adhere to rules and laws. When I was 8 years old, I gave my life to Jesus when a missionary prayed with me. I was so excited to have a real relationship with Jesus. The issue I began to face was that I had absolutely no idea of what that looked like. 

Rules without relationship lead to rebellion. By the time I had reached high school, that became the road I found myself on. I craved to be accepted by my peers and claiming Christ made me feel separate from them. Little by little, I began to compromise my beliefs and because I had no relationship to stand on, I eventually indulged the sin that was rampant in my life. I idolized my boyfriend at that time and chose to satisfy my flesh and my selfishness. I became someone who gloried in my own strengths and was filled with pride. 

When I arrived at a college campus, I saw a booth for a Christian organization called Chi Alpha. I had already made up my mind that I would no longer try to walk with God and completely give up Christianity. The Holy Spirit urged me to walk up to a girl at that booth named Kristen. In spite of my rebellious heart, I was compelled to ask her about joining her Bible study and becoming her friend. 

Through the time and life I got to share with Kristen, Jesus convicted me of the double life I was leading with going to Bible study, but still entertaining my sin. I came to a point where I could not stand my sin that was separating me from God. I broke up with my boyfriend, repented of my sin, and fully committed my life to Christ. Never in my life had I ever experienced such joy and freedom in my heart. The kindness of Christ lead me to repentance and because of what He did on the cross, I became a new creation in Him. Since that day, He has continued to draw me closer to Him through loss and celebration. He is faithful to finish what He has started. 

Mia Lanning
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