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Briana Rubero

I was atheist and dating my now husband, Aziel, who at the time was a lukewarm Christian. We were habitually living in sins together. One day, when we were deep in darkness, Aziel began believing the rapture happened and started crying out to God for forgiveness. At the time, I did not know anything about God so I was confused in what was going on. In fact, I was scared considering this man was one second living in sins with me, but then the next, forsaking all of that. Then, when he started to pray to God, he placed his hand on my head and began speaking unknown language to me! This was the first supernatural experience I had, and in that moment, I believed in this supernatural God although I did not want any part of it because that was my first encounter with someone who believed in Jesus.
The next day, Aziel began reading the Bible and praying out loud to Jesus. I was very annoyed and even upset at first, but then became so curious. I had never seen anyone who became so joyful and excited to talk to God. I was in such awe that I wanted what he had! Soon after this incident, we visited a pastor's house, who was an old friend of Aziel’s family. He told us what the next steps we should take if we wanted a true relationship with Jesus. He laid hands on us and began praying for us. I felt the presence of the Lord for the first time and heard the voice of God telling me to believe and come to Him, and that is exactly what I did! I went home and confessed the lies in which I was living to my grandparents and asked for forgiveness. I sincerely repented of all of my sins to God on that day. It was the greatest day of my life, and that was the day I repented and surrendered my life to Jesus!
Shortly after meeting the Lord of my life, I began feeling a brokenness and an urgency to tell my lost friends, family, and strangers about Jesus that I just met. The Lord began to press on my heart to truly live out the great commission and to go and make disciples of all nations. It felt unreal that the God of the universe was calling and allowing me to be apart of something that is so precious and so huge, which is to help people come back to Himself!

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